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Papercuts and Inkstains Bundle #01 - #03(a and b)


Papercuts and Inkstains is the critically acclaimed comic which has Starburst Magazine calling it a "breath of fresh air for British Comics..."

It's everything that's weird and wonderful about the world of Madius Comics. Featuring stories from the minds of Rob Jones, Mike Sambrook and Nick Gonzo and art from the fair hands of :

Featuring the ongoing madness that is "the Profits of Doom"

Issue One: Nick Gonzo, Kevin Pospisil, Stephen Weafer
Issue Two: Rory Donald, Jim Lavery
Issue Three A: Angela Sprecher, Paul Moore, Rosie Packwood
Issue Three B: Dan Butcher, Brian Burke

Issue one, two and three B all contain artwork by Mike Smith, co-creator of the Profits of Doom.