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Papercuts And Inkstains #04


Just when you thought 2016 was safe…MADIUS COMICS ARE BACK!

Papercuts & Inkstains 4 is here with the intention of kicking your ass... and hopefully remembering to jot down at least a name or two. There is nothing more frustrating than a badly curated ass-kicking journal. Packed within PAPERCUTS AND INKSTAINS 4’s mighty walls of paper are three stories to amuse, delight and entertain, but before tackling the beasts that lie within, you’ll first set eyes upon the cover. A collaboration piece from Madius’ comics’ number 1 space submariner, Nick ‘Are we using a new fabric softener?’ Gonzo and our resident design warlock, Brad ‘Who forgot to fold over the biscuits properly? I’m not eating that top one’ Holman. Welcome to the best gig of your life. Hand over your ticket to the mustachioed door sheriff and ready yourself for PAPERCUTS & INKSTAINS 4...

First up, we have a tale of high fantasy and low brows, it’s THE FOREBEARER, penned from the fantastical hands of Darren Smith and wordified by the monstrous mass of tentacles that is Sambrook & Jones. A man known only as Hogarth is on a quest, a quest of revenge. But can he overcome a string of tedious workplace conversations and a confusion of key-riddling bird-headed obstacles? TUNE IN AND FIND OUT!

Secondly, we have another story from the Sambrook & Jonesiverse. Joining them for the ride is the return of MADIUS COMICS’ favourite BBQ enthusiast, Jim ‘The force is strong with this one (hi Disney)’ Lavery. We first met him back with that family of Werewolves in PAPERCUTS 2, and now he’s back again to give us a taste of a very concerning future. A world where the air is thick with gasoline and the roadside assistance carry heavy ordnance, it is the flight of the VALKYRIE!

Then last and very much least, guess who’s back. Jesus, it’s those PROFITS OF DOOM! They still haven’t managed to sort their mess out? Your favourite idiots will be robed up and ready for shenanigans in the next blockbuster instalment of their critically acclaimed adventure. They’ve found a guide, someone who seems to know exactly what’s going on, someone to show them the light. Now, we need to find a way to convince them to stop shining that light in their own damn eyes... From the constantly cobwebbed minds of Sambrook & Jones and from the ever reliable paw of Mike Smith, it’s, THE PROFITS OF DOOM!

Your mouth is watering.

We’re not sorry.