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Papercuts and Inkstains #05


Waking your homestead like a raucous early 90s dial-up modem, MADIUS COMICS is back! Scorching the moustache right off your Grandma with another three stories hotter than her finest Earl Grey cuppa. YOWCH!

The first story inside is from indie comics legend, Bob Turner. The mastermind behind DTH RTL and all round awesome bloke. Somehow Mike & Rob managed to convince him to join them in the dingy basements of Madius Towers and together they blew the dust off the sacred 8-bit cartridges of enlightenment and conjured forth a hilarious story of games, gaming and gamers in IMMERSIVE GAMING EXPERIENCE! GAME OVER! If that wasn’t enough Bob for your buck, you’re also getting treated to a COVER from his fair hand, in 16-bit wondervision no less! Tremendous!

Next up, blasting out the gate like a rodeo bull with a freshly slapped ass, it’s the return of fan favourite, Sabi, in VAMPIRE WONDERLAND 2! Beans, gasoline and a whole heap of violent screams. Back to bring us the action is good friend of the Madius family, Paul Moore. Who brings his unique blend of stunning figure work and visceral high octane action to give you a story you won’t want to miss out on.

Then, last and by every means least. You guessed it. It’s those apocalyptic numb-heads, THE PROFITS OF DOOM. The good news is, they seem to have some semblance of a plan. The bad news, well, you’ll have to read the issue to find that bit out. They have unleashed a chaos demon upon the world and JOKES ON US, they are the only ones who can stop it. Cross your fingers, everyone! Mike Smith’s on art, as always, and he continues to up the craziness every single issue. This is no exception. All we’re saying is things go FULL NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM. Hold on to your skellingtons!

All three stories written by Madius’ resident wordsmithers of words, Rob Jones & Mike Sambrook.

It’s too much savoury to handle.

Sweet won’t save you.